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A brief reminder on fees. What’s covered.

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Reminder of Fees

What your Medical Card/GP Visit Card covers

A full Medical Card provides the patient with free GP care when they are sick, and also any prescriptions from the chemist.  A GP visit card covers the patient for their visit to the GP when they are sick and need medical attention.

What your Medical Card/GP Visit Card doesn’t cover

According to recent documentation received from the HSE, the following items are not covered by a Medical Card / GP Visit Card.

  • Travel vaccinations
  • Phlebotomy services
  • Passport or identity reports or letters
  • Insurance medicals or letters
  • School / work attendance notes or certificates (Social Welfare Cert is covered)
  • Sports medicals or reports
  • Medical legal reports
  • Drug Kardexes for state or private institutions
  • Letters in support of applications for services under the Social Welfare Acts
  • Certain TULSA related work – preplacement medical examinations or reports
  • Fostering or adoption reports

For each of these services, there will now be a fee.  An outline of fees applicable can be seen in Reception.


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