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Influenza Vaccination / Flu Shots

flu vaccinations Drogheda influenza shots

Flu Vaccination Information

Influenza or “flu” can, in most cases, be prevented by vaccination.

The flu vaccine doesn’t give you flu.

During flu season, the flu vaccine is available from your doctor or nurse, please speak to them if you wish to be vaccinated.

If you have a medical card and are in a high risk group, the vaccine is free. Otherwise there is a charge — please check at the time of booking or at reception.

Typically, the “flu season” lasts from October to the end of April.

Increased Risk Groups for Flu

The flu vaccine is recommended for EVERYONE over 65 years old and anyone with a chronic medical condition.
Chronic medical conditions include chronic heart conditions, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and immunosuppression due to disease or treatment.
Pregnant women are also at increased risk of complications arising from flu.